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IET manufactures resistance, capacitance, and inductance decade boxes that cover a broad range of applications for the field, the laboratory or automated stations. Hundreds of models are available from the highest precision and performance to cost effective. If you don’t find the decade box you need from the standard models, we will build it for you.

IET Labs, maintains some of the finest R, L and C calibration standards in the World. IET Labs continues to manufacture and support a wide variety of products that were originally manufactured by GenRad, esi, QuadTech and others. The majority of IET’s products are manufactured with pride in the USA.

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  1. GenRad 1423-A Decade Capacitor

    GenRad 1423-A Decade Capacitor

    • Range 100pF - 1.111 µF
    • ±0.05% accuracy
    • two- or three-terminal connection
  2. 1417 Capacitance Standard

    GenRad 1417 Capacitance Standard 1 uF - 1 F

    • 7 Switch-Selected Standard Capacitance Values: 1 µF, 10 µF, 100 µF, 1 mF, 10 mF,100 mF, 1 F
    • 3 Switch-Selected Test Frequencies: 100 Hz,
      120 Hz, 1 kHz
    • 0.25% direct-reading capacitance accuracy
    • 0.1% or better ratio accuracy

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