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IET manufactures the GenRad and QuadTech 1863, 1864, and 1865+ megohmmeters designed to meet most high resistance measurement needs. These megohmmeters with a range of up to 200 teraohms have a history of proven reliability and utility. They are widely used in the aircraft industry among many others. Megohmmeters

Let us know what your megohmmeter requirement is and we will find you a solution.

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  1. 1865+ Megohmmeter

    1865+ Digital Megohmmeter I/R Tester

    • Measurements from 1kΩ to 100TΩ, with Auto Ranging
    • 0.5% measurement accuracy
    • Improved High-visibility blue LCD graphical display for Menu Programming and Test Results
    • Programmable Test Voltage from 1 to 1000VDC
  2. GenRad 1864 Megohmmeter

    GenRad / QuadTech 1864-9700 Megohmmeter

    • 200 Test Voltages from 10 V to 1090 VDC
    • Rugged and Portable Analog Megohmmeter
    • Up to 3% Accuracy
    • 50 kΩ to 200 TΩ Measurement Range
    • Reliable High Quality Instrument Designed to Last up to 30 years

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