1000 uF Decade w/high-performance tantalum capacitors

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Adding the standard 1,000 μF (1,000 μF - 10,000 μF) decade with polyphenylene capacitors to the HACS series could be a considerable investment.  Should you not require the precision of the standard 1000 μF decade, consider the -EC option which uses high-performance electrolytic capacitors only on this decade. This is very useful if your intention for this decade is calibrating handheld LCR Meters

-EC Option is only avilable on units where the last decade is currently100 uF - 1,000 uF

Electrolytic Decade
Accuracy 10%
Voltage 50 V peak max
Stability: Not documented

For your reference
Standard Polyphenylene Decade (Not the -EC option)
Accuracy 1%
Voltage 25 V peak max
Stability: 500 ppm/per year