1538-P2 Extension Lamp

  • Used with 1538 Stroboscope
  • An external lamp that is controlled by the 1538
  • Includes Lamp, reflector and cable
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For use in spaces too small for the complete 1538 stroboscope, the 1538-P2 Extension Lamp is a convenient accessory.
The lamp and reflector in this assembly are identical to those on the Strobotac. The assembly is supplied with a six-foot cord and a plug that mates with the
panel socket marked EXT LAMP. When plugged in, the Extension Lamp flashes instead of the lamp on the stroboscope. This accessory makes it
possible to mount the lamp in small out-of-the-way places such as test chambers and to control it from a safe distance.

Additional cable up to 50 feet long can be used with the Extension Lamp. However, when additional cable is used, the peak intensity of the flash decreases. For instance, with a 25-foot cable, the peak light output is reduced to one fourth of its original value, the flash duration is doubled, and the total light output is reduced to one half.

NOTE: The 1538-P2 Extension Lamp and the1538-P4 High-Intensity-Flash Capacitor cannot be used simultaneously.