GenRad 1565-B Sound-Level Meter

  • 40 to 140 dB
  • ANSI Type 2 A, B, C weighting
  • Fast/slow meter response
  • MESA approved
  • Convenient pocket proportions -small and light
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The GenRad 1565-B is a general-purpose sound-level meter that conforms to both national and international standards, meets all criteria necessary for the noise previsions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and includes features found in more cumbersome sound-level meters. This sound-level meter is also approved for use in gassy coal mines by the bureau of mines.

The 1565-B sound-level meter fits in the palm of your hand, and operates in severe environments for up to fifty hours using a standard 9V battery. There are no line or microphone cords to trip over or bother with, and the ergonomically designed controls permit one hand operation and rapid interpretation of the results - just aim and read.

A rugged, laboratory grade ceramic microphone is used, on the 1565-B Sound-Level Meter and can be quickly and easily checked using the companion 1562-A Sound Level Calibrator. The instrument is housed in a tough plastic case, tapered at the microphone end to reduce the effects of case defraction and meets all ANSI-2 requirements for General Purpose Sound Meters. An output jack is provided for use with headphones or recorders, and a lock is provided so the range control can be fixed in a single position.

This popular meter weighs less than 1 pound, features simple push button operation, battery power, and a rugged ceramic microphone. The 1565-B Sound-Level Meter may be purchased alone, with a sound level calibrator, windscreen, and with a choice of carrying / storage cases.
GenRad 1565-B Sound-Level Meter Specifications

  • Sound Level: 40 to 140 dB re 20 µN/m2
  • Weighting: A, B, and C. Conforms to ANSI S1, 4-1971 Type 2 and IEC651.
  • Meter: rms response with fast and slow speeds.
  • Input: MICROPHONE: Lead-zirconate-titanate ceramic.
  • Power: Two 9V alkaline batteries (NEDA 1604AC) supplied, provide ~50 hours of operation.