1865-Fluid Tester Liquid Sample Electrode

  • Designed to measure Liquid Sample Insulation Resistance
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    This electrode is used for liquid sample insulation resistance (volume resistance) measurement. 

    This electrode consists of main and counter electrodes and a protection electrode (*guard) which removes leakage current through the insulator to sustain the above electrodes.

    As    insulators, extremely chemically stable and strong insulators (Teflon,   KelF,   Difron) are used and the electrode surface is nickel-plated in order to increase electrolysis uniformity and chemical strength.  Also, the electrode has a construction that facilitates disassembly and assembly for
    easy washing, enabling a wide range of sample measurement.

    Capacity: 25 mL,
    Capacitance between main and counter electrodes: 45 pF
    electrode constant: 500 cm inter-electrode
    Spacing: 1 mm,
    Electrode OD : 36 mm
    Height : 140 mm.
    Measures: up to 1019 Ωcm (@1,000 V)