7000-09 LCR Meter Calibration Kit

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A self-contained calibration kit used to calibrate the 7400, 7600 and 7600 Plus Precision LCR Meter. Includes a 1689-9604 BNC to BNC cable set (1 meter in length) for connection to the instrument. Consists of four resistors, a precision open and precision short. A calibration chart traceable to an SI is provided with R & Q values for each resistor at various frequencies.

7000-09 Specifications

Nominal Values: R1: 95.3 kΩ ; R2: 5.97 kΩ , R3 374 Ω , 24.9 Ω

Accuracy: 0.1% of nominal value

Stability: Better than 25 ppm per year

Temperature Coefficient 2°C ppm

Calibration Accuracy: These resistors are compared with a precision of better than 40 ppm at DC .  Measurement uncertainty of the nominal Q  values are within 100 ppm at 1 kHz.   All other R and Q values at other frequencies are mathematically calculated.  All calibrations are made at 23° ± 2 C°..