BP-1000 Binding Posts Series- Low emf, Rugged, High-Current

  • Very high current rating: 30 amps
  • Lowest impedance of any binding posts <50 μΩ
  • Rugged design
  • Caps resistant to fracture
  • Very low thermal emf
  • Gold-plated tellurium copper body
  • Polycarbonate insulators
Prices range from $69.00 to $69.00
Prices range from $69.00 to $69.00
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These high-performance tellurium-copper binding posts are ideal for all electrical connections. They are rugged and offer very low thermal emf. Quantity discounts available. 

BP-1000 Low emf, Rugged, High-Current Binding Posts Dimensions

BP-1000 Low emf, Rugged, High-Current Binding Posts Specifications
Gold-plated tellurium copper
Impedance: <50 μΩ
Insulation: Polycarbonate
Insulation resistance: >1012 Ω
Mating connectors:
Standard banana plugs
1/4" instrumentation spade lugs
1/4" ring terminals
up to 12 AWG stranded wire
Max Current:30 A
Max Voltage:5000 Vrms
Additional Hardware:
Split lockwashers: #10, stainless steel
Flat washers: #10, nickel-plated brass
Hex nuts: 10-32, nickel-plated brass
Operating temperature: up to 115°C