Decade Box Calibration and Repair

IET Labs is the Authorized Repair and Calibration facility for the GenRad instrument line, esi resistance line and the source for all of your calibration requirements1

As an A2LA Accredited Laboratory, IET Labs can perform a multitude of tests and calibrations in accordance with our "scope of accreditation for calibration services".

IET Labs maintains the highest performing calibration lab for resistance, capacitance, and inductance decade boxes and standards.

Please contact our sales staff, by phone or online, who will be pleased to give you a quote for the calibration or repair of your decade box.

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How Decade Boxes at IET Labs are Calibrated

IET Labs performs DC Resistance-Measure on decade resistors using any of the eight Fluke 8508A 8½ Digit Reference Multimeter owned by IET Labs, about ½ of the 8508As have option 001 for ratio transfer measurements using resistance standards.

IET Labs added two Fluke 8588A 8½ Digit Reference Multimeters in 2021 to increase capacity.

Typical Test Station at IET Labs
Typical Bench and Test Instruments at IET Labs

See our New Certificate of Calibration with plots of measurement data and uncertainties, that is delivered with the 1433 and HARS-X Decade Resistors.

IET Labs uses the following Decision Rules when determining Pass/Fail for decade resistors.

RDS (Root Difference Square) rule: A PASS is indicated if the MEASURED value ≤ Test limit
where Test Limit is ≤ (Specification Limit^2 - Measurement Uncertainty^2)^0.5

This gives a PFA (Probability of False Accept) of < 0.6%.

A PASS* indicates the MEASURED value is ≥Test Limits and
For TL = SL this gives a PFA of <1% at a TUR of 4:1.

The user should determine conformity, when PASS* is indicated based upon the desired rule of; RDS in which case PASS* is a FAIL or TL = SL in which case PASS* is a PASS.

1See ISO-17025 Scope of Accreditation (A2LA) for our complete list of accredited calibration capabilities.