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IET Labs is a premier calibration laboratory that is accredited by A2LA for DC Resistance-Measure and DC Resistance-Generate.

We can calibrate most resistance standards, transfer standards or resistance decades from 0.01 Ω - 10 TΩ with uncertainties as good as 0.16 µΩ/Ω1.

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How IET Labs Calibrates Resistance Standards

IET Labs uses 2 main bridges for DC Resistance-Measure using transfer from standards that are calibrated traceable to the SI, through a National Metrology Institute (NIST, NRC, NPL etc.):

1.) The Measurements International 6000B Automatic High Resistance Ratio Bridge for measurement from 10 kΩ to 1 GΩ with a CMC1 down to 0.46 µΩ/Ω.

2.) The Measurements International 6010C Automatic Resistance Bridge for measurements from 0.1 Ω to 10 kΩ with a CMC1 down to 0.16 µΩ/Ω .

MI 6000B and MI 6010
MI6010C and MI6000B Resistance Bridges at IET Labs

IET Labs also performs DC Resistance-Measure using any of 6 Fluke 8508A 8½ Digit Reference Multimeters owned by IET Labs, about ½ of the 8508As have option 001 for ratio transfer measurements using standards.

IET Labs has also added 5 Fluke 8588A 8½ Digit Reference Multimeters to increase capacity to 11 Fluke 8½ Digit Reference Multimeters.

Typical Test Station at IET Labs
Typical Bench and Test Instruments at IET Labs

Ratio transfer measurements, using the Fluke 8508A and a standard, are used for calibration of transfer standards such as the esi SR1010 and esi SR1030 and calibration of standards such as the IET Labs SRX Standard Resistors.

High resistance measurements above 1 GΩ are performed using voltage transfer techniques or using the Keithley 6517B both direct and with transfer standards.

All measurements are performed in a Faraday cage to minimize electrical noise that might interfere with measurements.

Faraday cage with HRRS Decade Resistor
Faraday cage with HRRS Decade Resistor being calibrated at IET Labs

The table below shows the typical method used during calibration of some of our popular products.

Model Calibration Method
SRL/SR104MI 6010 and MI 6000B Transfer using Standards
SRXFluke 8508A Transfer using Standards
SRCFluke 6517B Direct Measurement
HARS/1433Fluke 8508A Direct Measurement

See our New Certificate of Calibration with plots of measurement data and uncertainties, that is delivered with the 1433 and HARS-X Decade Resistors.

IET Labs can calibrate or repair any manufacturers resistance calibration standards1.


EEvblog post on calibration and SR104
Excellent post on calibration from eevblog in 2019 on SI redefinition and my "TiN" experience with NMI calibration this also references IET's SR104 standards.

1See ISO-17025 Scope of Accreditation (A2LA) for our complete list of accredited calibration capabilities.