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Custom Resistance Decades and Custom Resistor Examples

Other companies can say they do custom decade resistors and resistors,
below are a few products that IET Labs has manufactured for key manufacturers in the medical and industrial sectors.

Requirement Solution
Rolls Royce needed a resistance test box to simulate a phase-to-earth insulation fault. 
The box had to be suitable for on-board testing activity within a marine platform.
It had to be made of non-conducting material, use G1A-SV fuses and SLB4-G cabling using 4 mm banana sockets.
The box also had to meet specific safety standards.

IET Labs E8805014
IET Labs designed a custom high power resistive load box in a UL94 – V0 plastic enclosure. 
The heat is dissipated through the rear panel of the housing, while still maintaining acceptable temperatures for human touch.
The internal assembly consisted of high power resistors, a custom pcb and heatsinks all mounted inside the enclosure.
A custom instruction manual was also created per their requirements.


Olympus Medical needed a portable resistive load for testing a medical device by field service personnel.
The resistive load had to handle up to 500 W and be cable of be operating from dc to 430 kHz.

Olympus ECG Test Box
IET Labs created a custom resistive load box in a non-conductive portable box.
The portable box allows the service technician to switch between the various resistance required via a rotary switch.
The low inductance resistors are mounted on a custom machined heatsink designed to dissipate up to 500 W.
The front panel utilized a custom overlay with Olympus supplied logo.
A thermal switch was also mounted to the heatsink just in case temperature limits were exceeded on the heatsink.

Olympus Catalog Photo.JPG

Zoll Medical needed a resistive decade for testing a medical device.
The decade resistor box had to have 1 Ω resolution and cover the resistance range from 1 Ω to 1 kΩ.
The decade box needed to handle up to 3 kV with maximum energy of 200 Joules.
The decade resistor must also pass a 5 kV hipot between terminals and the case for operator safety.

IET Labs HRRS-F-3-1-3kV-Zoll
IET Labs created a custom high voltage decade resistance box. The decade resistance box was based upon our HRRS series panel and switches that are designed to handle up to 10 kV dc.
Tubular power resistors were utilized to provide the required power.
4 mm panel mount banana jacks were used and accept sheathed banana plugs for safety. The banana jacks are mounted in a Kel-F plate to handle the higher voltage and minimize leakage to the chassis.

HRRS-Zoll-F-3 Decade Resistor

ABB wanted a calibration kit for a micro-ohmmeter they need to calibrate from 100 µΩ to 100 Ω.
The calibration kit needed to operate at 100 A for the lowest 3 values and use customer specified high current connectors.

IET Labs LOM-530/ABB
IET designed the LOM-530 based upon an existing chassis with custom front panel to accommodate the required high current connectors.
Low TC chassis mount resistors and shunts were selected for required performance.

LOM-530ABB - micro-ohmmeter calibration kit.JPG

National Instruments requested Pomona triaxial connectors in 2 different configurations on IET's SRL Series of Primary Resistance Standards.

SRL-POM Design A and Design B
IET created 2 custom front panels to accommodate the requested triaxial connectors.
Stability was checked by measurement of a several months and temperature coefficients determined prior to final calibration using an MI 6000B.

SRL-1M Design B