GenRad 1419-B Decade Capacitor

  • Range from 100 pF to 1.1 µF
  • Choice of 3 models
  • Accuracy as good as 0.5%
  • Capacitance and dissipation factor vary only slightly with frequency from dc through the audio frequency range.
  • Low dielectric absorption and loss
  • Completely shielded and hermetically sealed.
  • All insulation of highest available quality.
  • Low temperature coefficient.
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The GenRad 1419 Series Decade Capacitors are offered in three models using two different dielectric materials to satisfy a variety of needs.

GenRad 1419-A and GenRad-B (Polystyrene) Owing to its very low dielectric absorption, the GenRad 1419-A & 1419-B Polystyrene Decade Capacitor is particularly useful in research and development work on computer and integrator circuits and on low-level amplifiers. Its constancy of capacitance and dissipation factor as a function of frequency also makes it extremely useful in measuring circuits and as a component in filters and tuned circuits. High insulation resistance and low dielectric absorption make it the 1419 Decade Capacitor a nearly ideal capacitor for dc work

This decade capacitor is based on development work and manufacturing experience at General Radio since 1940. The individual capacitor units for designed to be essentially non-inductive and are heat-stabilized, so that their long-time stability approaches that of the best silvered-mica capacitors.

The 1419-A and B decade capacitors are wound in spool form from continuous interleaved tapes of polystyrene and metal foil. The foils projecting at each end of the roll are soldered together to minimize inductance and series resistance. The tape used for the dielectric is specially prepared of purified high-molecular-weight polystyrene, having very high resistance and freedom from polarization. Hermetic sealing with Teflon feed-through insulators assures high performance even under adverse humidity conditions

Terminals are provided for both 2-terminal and 3-terminal connections.

GenRad 1419-K (Silvered Mica) This high-quality decade capacitor finds uses in every laboratory: in tuned circuits, impedance bridges, filters, or in any circuit where an accurate and stable step adjustable capacitor is necessary. Higher accuracy, low dissipation factor, and +35 ±10 ppm/°C temperature coefficient (10-50 C) for use in higher ambient temperatures.


Model 1419-A 1419-B 1419-K
Dielectric Polystyrene  Polystyrene  Silvered Mica 
Maximum Capacitance of Box ( µF)  1.11 1.111 1.11
In Steps of (pF)  1000 100 1000
Dials  3 4 3
Accuracy 2 Terminal Connection  1% 1% + 2pF 0.50%
Max Voltage  500 V up to 35 kHz 500 V up to 35 kHz 500 V up to 10 kHz
Dissipation Factor at 1 kHz <0.0002 <0.0002 <0.0003