GenRad 1542 Stroboscope

  • Wide-range continuous flash-rate control
  • For machine maintenance
  • Real time inspection of moving parts
  • Printing press applications
  • Motor troubleshooting
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The GenRad 1542-B is an extremely easy to use and low cost solution for Stroboscope-Inspection operations. It is ideal for timing and observing motion in a variety of situations

The 1542-B has been tailored for convenient operation. This stroboscope was designed specii cally for inspection applications and features simple pushbutton control with a single knob to control the flash rate - no range switching is ever necessary. This strobe includes a unique electronically compensated output for visually constant image brightness (as the flash rate decreases, the light intensity increases). The stroboscope is housed in a tough plastic case that is designed for comfortable hand-held operation and includes a threaded hole for tripod mounting

The 1542-B is a simple, economical stroboscope. The 1542-B is as easy to operate as an extension lamp but is considerably more useful. Plug in the attached power cord, push the On-Of button, point the light at the action, and turn one knob until the visual image of the action slows to the desired rate or stops. That's the sum total of the operation - plug, push, point, and turn.

GenRad 1542 Stroboscope Basic Specifications

Flash Rate:
180 to 3,800 flashes per minute, adjustable over a single range by a 5-turn uncalibrated control.

External Trigger: None, if required consider GenRad 1546

Trigger Delay. None.

Light Output: Beam width 10° at ½ - intensity points.

Flashes per Minute Duration*  Energy(watt-seconds) Beam intensity (candela)
at 180 
4 µs
6 x 10
at 3800
3 µs
1 x 10