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We welcome and value your input. It is important to preserve all that reflects the history of General Radio.

Please send us what you have: photos, catalogs, written documentation, personal recollections and we will put them up on this site. We will also put up any original articles, scientific or otherwise.

We are also establishing a museum that will contain instruments and documents. This museum will be set up in perpetuity and will not only be for our generation but for generations to come.

Please let us know if you would care to generously lend or donate anything that you feel would be of interest.

GenRad Historical Society IET Labs Site:
GenRad Wikipedia Link: General Radio - Wikipedia
American Radio History American Radio History GR Experimenters

GenRad On-line community group: The Yahoo Group Has Been Replaced By

This GenRad Group is VERY useful and active, with a number of ex GenRad employees and hobbyist.  For questions on older equipment post here