HACS-Z-A-6E-100pF Capacitance Decade Box

  • Range from 1 pF to 11,111 µF
  • High accuracy of 0.05% + 0.5 pF
  • Units available with as few as 3 and as many as 11 decades
  • Excellent Stability 100 ppm per year
  • 3-Terminal shielded construction
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The HACS-Z Series is a precision wide-range Decade Capacitance Box.   With its high quality, tight tolerance capacitors, it is an ideal solution for calibration labs. It can be used as a bench model for versatility, or it can be rack-mounted.

The HACS-Z Series high accuracy capacitance box is capable of meeting exacting requirements for fixed or adjustable calibration capacitance, or any applications requiring precise and stable capacitance values. You can pick the best unit for your application, without overpaying for ranges that you do not require. Models are available with a range of 1 pF - 11,111 μF in as few as 3 or as many as 11 decades.

For the lowest decades, the 1 pF and 10 pF decade steps, trimmable air capacitors are used. The capacitors are selected for maximum resolution, high mechanical stability, and low dissipation factor. The mid-range decades, 100 pF, 1000 pF, 0.01 μF and 0.1 μF steps, are implemented with the highest grade mechanically stabilized sealed India Ruby mica capacitors, especially selected for optimum electrical characteristics and excellent stability. These highest decades are implemented with met­alized polyphenylene sulfide (MPPS) capacitors. These capacitors are hermetically sealed for high reliability and stability. Hermetic sealing pre­vents the intrusion of moisture into the capacitor packages.

The connections to the inner shield and to the case are shown in Figure 1-1 (on datasheet). Low terminal-to-guard and detector-input capacitances are obtained by dividing the shielding into two parts. When the two parts are connected together, the HACS-Z becomes a well-shielded three-terminal capacitor with extremely low zero capacitance. The connections are made by means of BNC connectors on the front of the cabinet (Rear output or 874 connectors are also available). The inner contacts provide the connections to the capacitors. The outer shells connect to the shields and, when connected together, form the third terminal of the capacitor.

To improve the resolution of 1 pF on the HACS-Z capacitance decade box consider adding the optional HACS-Z 1pF Trimmer.  Adding the 1000 μF decade to this HACS series could be a considerable investment.  Should you not require the precision of the standard 1000 μF decade, consider the -EC option which uses high-performance electrolytic capacitors only on this decade.

HACS-Z HIGH ACCURACY CAPACITANCE DECADE BOX BASIC SPECIFICATIONS (Full specifications can be found on the datasheet)

Available Range: 0 to 11,111.111 111 μF with a resolution of 1 pF

Accuracy: ±(0.05% + 0.5 pF) at 1 kHz up to 1,000 μF. 1% for 1,000 μF Decade

Stability: ±(100 ppm per year + 0.1 pF) per year up to 1 μF; 200 ppm per year from 1 μF - 100 μF, 500 ppm per year from 100 μF - 10,000 μF

Temperature Coefficient: <20 ppm/°C from up to 1 μF; <50 ppm/°C from 1 μF - 10,000 μF

Zero Capacitance: <0.1 pF.