Unsolicited Customer Comments

Our mission is to manufacturer very high-quality instruments at competitive prices while providing a level of hospitality not found in the industry Here is some customer feedback we have received:

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you and your team on the great job they are doing.

In a time when LM needed some expert help and support Benjamin and your Engineering department stepped up and help us out.

This is a ‘Job Well Done’ and it will not be forgotten.

Thanks and have a Great Holiday.


Ed- Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

We have been your client for a long time, first as Quadtech equipment, now as IET.

IET has been an excellent option that meets our measuring needs.

During all this time we have only received an excellent attention and an outstanding technical support Thanks all your team.


Edmundo- Cornell Dubilier Capacitors

Happy Friday!

Far as I know IET Labs does have one of the best if not the best calibration order set up.

The most I like about your lab is you keep us updated in detail & ease of settiing up the RMA.

I think I hardly need to contact you requesting for update (maybe once in a while, in case of additional repair is required).

Marie- Japan Airlines

Thank you Laurie! You are my hero today!

Lisa- Lockheed Martin RMS

A few weeks ago I sent a decade resistor box to you for repair and calibration. I picked it up from my admin office this morning and was pleased to find, along with the detailed calibration record and repair report, a signed note from the technician who did the work. This is thoroughly professional service.

High quality is hard to beat. Thank you.

Don - UAB Energy Management

Thanks Laurie! I really appreciate how quick and easy you folks at IET make it for me to get a quote send in equipment. Working with you is always a pleasure.

Karen- Martin Calibration


Susanne- United Airlines

Thanks for the update and all the work you guys have done on the unit. You guys have been wonderful in the service you have provided since buying the unit.

Patrick- ILSCO

High respect for the work done by your lab.

Best Regards,


I want to thank all of you for helping us in our time of need.

Thank again,

Johnny-Lake Region Medical

Thank You!

I wish all my Suppliers were as organized as IET!

Lorrie- Shortridge Instruments

Yes very thanks for your help, I wish all my vendors were like you

Gavin- St. Jude Medical


YOU ARE THE BEST EVER!!!!! Don’t know what I would do without you!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!

Monica- Tegam

You are the bearer of welcome news. I appreciate the heads up and am thankful that IET has provided an exceptional product.

Thank you,

Jeremy-Kilgore Flares Company, LLC

The Gold Binding Posts just arrived. Thank you!

We deal with literally hundreds of vendors a year. I E T absolutely stands out in the cream of the crop for superb customer service. Thanks very much for making this so easy. And for being so extremely polite on the phone, too.

Best regards,

Steve- E H B Supply

The thoughtfulness and professionalism of all IET Labs staff is greatly appreciated


PL Alain-Laboratoire d'Étalonnage et Réparation IREQ


thank you so much. I must say you doing a great job !!!

Günther- Gmx


Thank you so very much. What fabulous service! You have solved a huge problem for us.

I am happy to see that IET is carrying on the great tradition of General Radio. We have and still use a lot of Gen-Rad acoustical measurement tools.

Wishing you too - A Very Merry Christmas.

Chris..- Chris Brunt Engineering

Those two items are on our radar sometime or another. I can’t promise anything due to our corporate ethics, but your companies expertise and exceptional customer service we receive rate you high on the top of my list.

Thanks again

Michael- Consumers Energy