Rigid Dielectric Cell LD-3

  • Designed for testing rigid flat materials
  • Frequency range of 50 Hz - 1 MHz
  • Max. Temperature 55 °C see LD-3T for higher temperature
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The LD-3 Dielectic Cell is designed for measurement of Dielectric Constant on rigid flat materials in accordance with ASTM-D150. For more information on the ASTM D150 Standard Test Methods for AC Loss Characteristics and Permittivity (Dielectric Constant) of Solid Electrical Insulation see ASTM D150 . Material up to 8cm or 3 1/8 inches with a maximum thickness of 1.1 cm or 7/16 inches can be used in the dielectric cell. The dielectric cell is made up of two electrodes. One electrode is fixed with a grounded guard ring and the other is movable via a micrometer. The micrometer allows precise measurement of electrode spacing. The grounded guard ring reduces fringe effects to improve measurements.

The dielectric cell has a usable frequency range from 50 Hz to 1MHz.
The three terminal electrical connections are made via GR-874 Connection on the fixed electrode side, optional BNC to GR-874 adapter is available, and banana connection on the movable electrode side.

Required Accessories:

1 x 1689-9602 1 Meter BNC to BNC cable set
2 x LD-02 BNC T Adapters
1 x LD-08 GR874 to BNC Adapter
1 x LD-05 BNC to Banana Adapter


Size: 4” x 4” x 7.5” depth
Weight: 8.1 lbs
Materials: 303 Stainless and Teflon
Terminals: Three Terminals with grounded guard ring
Connectors: GR874 and banana jack
Electrodes: 2.5” fixed measuring electrode with 2.87 OD guard ring, 2.87” movable electrode
Sample Size: 0.005” to 0.35” thick and 3.125” square or 2.87” diameter
Frequency Range: 50Hz to 1MHz
Max. temperature: 55 °C