Digibridge 1689 Error Calculation

1689 Limits of Error Calculation Tool

Please select unit type (Capacitance, Inductance, or Resistance) and change appropriate values.
Then press the Calculate button.

Dissipation: (D=0 for an ideal lossless capacitor)
Frequency: (between 0.012 and 100 kHz)
Voltage Mode:
Voltage: V (between 0.01 and 1.26 V)


The accuracy given by this LIMITS OF ERROR calculator are conservative.
Optimum accuracy may be obtained by:

  • Zeroing at each frequency.
  • Zeroing whenever connection or fixture is changed.
  • Using the Δ% feature.
  • Calibrating the Digibridge before use.

Link to 1689 Manual
Link to 1693 Accuracy Calculator