OS Series Software Development Kit

  • Basic Resistance Sequencer  Program for OS-260 and OS-270
  • Program allows users to source out a simple resistance string of 12 values and time interval 
  • Can not be controlled in Labview
  • No commands outside of this software package are available 
  • Consider the PRS-300 if you are looking for a true Programmable Decade Resistor
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OS-91.001 Software Development Kit The Software Development Kit for the OS-260 and OS-270 OhmsSOURCE Resistance Decade Boxes has two primary features.

For simulating RTD’s, this software lets users download up to three different data tables to be downloaded into the ohmSOURCE. These data tables, containing up to 256 equivalences, also make it possible for the unit to simulate transducers such as thermistors and conductivity sensors.

This software allows for entering a list of 12 resistances to be automatically sequenced at a specific time interval.

For convenient PC connection, the software kit includes a USB cable.

The USB interface on the OS-270 and OS-260 uses an FTDI chip set. Normally when the OS-270 or OS-260 is connected to a computer using the USB port, Windows 7 and higher will search for the correct driver and as long as the computer is connected to the internet the driver should automatically be installed. If the driver is not automatically installed the drivers can be installed from FTDI Virtual COM Port Drivers website

The software kit includes includes Windows PC Software and USB cable.