HACS-Z-1pF Trimmer Reduces the Resolution to Less Then 1 pF

  • Reduces range on HACS-Z or 1413 to sub 1 pF
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Whenever resolution smaller than the 1 pF limit of the Model HACS-Z or 1413 is required, the HACS-Z-1pF Trimmer may be employed.

It may be connected, directly to the bnc connectors on the main HACS-Z unit. The bnc outputs are now taken from the front of the Trimmer unit. The trimmer adds capacitance in parallel with the main unit.

The Trimmer is constructed of a special shielded air capacitor and will not degrade the specifications of the main HACS-Z unit. The minimum capacitance of the HACS-Z combination will remain within specifications.

To use the Trimmer, adjust the dial to set the desired incremental capacitance. This may be added to any setting of the HACS-Z unit, including zero.
The Trimmer may also be used independently as a stand-alone capacitance source.

This may be attached in series directly or with bnc extension cables to the unit output bnc connectors to add a trimming capacitance value. The added capacitance is continuously variable from 0-1 pF+ which provides fine resolution within the gap of the 1 pF

The trimmer can be reasonably incremented in 0.1 pF steps.  There are markings on the dial at 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1 pF


(Full specifications can be found on the datasheet)

Available Range: 0 to 1 pF+ variable

Accuracy: ±(0.1 pF) at 1 kHz