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The IET Labs website features a wide variety of up-to-date as well as historical information of interest to the electrical engineering community. Below is a summary of many of these resources.

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Historical Electrical Engineering Resources

GenRad Newsletters, Catalogs, Manuals and Other Historical Documents


News and Views

A growing collection of aricles and interviews by IET Labs and others on a variety of topics of related to electrical engineering.

Why Engineering? How I Became an Electronics Geek

Influential Engineering Advancements in History


Product Application Notes

LCR Meter Resources

IET Labs has produced a variety of helpful material to aid in the selection and use of your LCR meter, for users seeking beginner or advanced help.


Additional Application Notes


Historical Electrical Engineering Resources

History of Impedance Measurement

For additional reading on the topic of impedance measurements, IET offers a booklet that covers the history of impedance measurements primarily dealing with dc resistance to low radio frequencies. The focus of the text is mainly on instruments for production test and general-purpose measurements in science and industry. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer.


GenRad History

In 2000, IET Labs acquired the General Radio standards, impedance decades, megohmmeters, digibridges, audio and strobe lines and now continues to manufacture, service and support these product lines "In the Genrad Tradition..."

Acquisition press releases: February 2000 and June 2005

IET is proud to continue to manufacturer and support the metrology related products of General Radio. These include the Standards and Decades products (Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance), Digibridges, Megohmmeters, Audio products, and Strobotac lines.

These products continue to be sought by labs and engineers, and are made to the same exacting standards as by GenRad. Additionally, IET also maintains a refurbished inventory of specialty and discontinued items originally built by GenRad.


The General Radio Company 1915-1965

The IET library also contains a comprehensive early history of the GenRad company released on its fiftieth anniversary in 1965. The text, entitled “The General Radio Company 1915-1965”, was written by the then company president Dr. Donald B Sinclair. Sinclair had been elected in 1963 after working there for many years, and he pulled from much of his personal experience to authenticate the document.


GenRad Newsletters, Catalogs, Manuals and Other Historical Documents

General Radio Experimenter

IET is also keeping the flame alive by providing electronic enthusiasts everywhere access to more than 500 issues of the revolutionary, historical General Radio Experimenter.

Browse by year:

Index by Title, Type Number and Author - 1926-1947 (PDF)
Index by Instrument (PDF)


General Radio News

The General Radio News was a company newsletter commissioned by GenRad to be written by the employees for the employees of the company. It was used as a medium to keep employees up to date on business conditions and any other developments and changes throughout the company. IET has made volumes one through five available at these links:

Browse by volume:


Historic Catalogs

IET has also provided a collection of historically significant General Radio Catalogs dated from 1916 to 1946.

Browse by catalog letter:



IET maintains a catalog of GenRad Manuals, IET Manuals, esi Manuals, PPM Manuals and QuadTech Instruction Manuals for reference.

Another great reference to consult for GenRad and other manufacturers manuals is The Boat Anchor Manual Archive.


GenRad Community

Link up with the GenRad community and join the ongoing discussion through the historical society, the GR on-line community group, or the GenRad Alumni Group, comprised of old employees of the company.


GenRad Museum Project

Preserving the rich history of GenRad is just as important as preserving its technical documents for reference and at IET we strive to do both. We welcome and value your input. It is important to preserve all that reflects General Radio, so please send us what you have: photos, catalogs, written documentation, personal recollections and we will put them up on this site. We will also put up any original articles, scientific or otherwise. We are also establishing a museum that will contain instruments and documents. This museum will be set up in perpetuity and will not only be for our generation but for generations to come. Please let us know if you would care to generously lend or donate anything that you feel would be of interest.