Since GenRad introduced the first commercial electronic stroboscope in the 1930's, the GR models have remained the world standard. To learn about stroboscopes please click here to download the Handbook of Stroboscopy, a 90 page guide that will answer almost any question you have on the subject.

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  1. GenRad 1531 Stroboscope

    GenRad 1531-AB Stroboscope

    • High flashing rates up to 25,000 per minute — speed measurements to 250.000 rpm.
    • Short flash duration — "stops" rapid motion and permits ultra-high-speed photography.
    • High accuracy stroboscope — rpm measurements can be made to ± 1%.
  2. GR 1538 Stroboscope

    GenRad 1538-A Stroboscope

    • The highest flashing rates for a stroboscope-up to 150,000 Flashes per mn,
    • Flash duration from 0.5 μs to 3.0 μs for clear, crisp images.
    • Accessory energy-storage capacitor 1538-P4 for very short single flashes.
    • High accuracy stroboscope — rpm measurements can be made to ± 1%
  3. GenRad/IET 1546 Strobotac

    GenRad 1546 Digital Stroboscope

    • High flashing rates for a stroboscope-up to 25,000 Fashes per minute, direct reading.
    • Flash duration from 1.2 μs to 2 μs for clear, crisp images.
    • Lightweight and handheld, very easy to use unit with digital readout
  4. GenRad 1542 Stroboscope

    GenRad 1542 Stroboscope

    • Low-cost, excellent US Manufactured stroboscope for stopping motion
    • Up to 3800 bright-white flashes per minute -to observe motion as fast as 40,000 rpm
    • Simple push-button operation
    • Compact, light-weight, rugged
  5. Externally Triggered

    GenRad 1539-A Externally Triggered Stroboscope

    • Small size and light weight.
    • Light source on flexible cable for convenient positioning.
    • Can be triggered by several methods.
    • For machine maintenance, Real time inspection of moving parts, Printing press applications, Motor troubleshooting, For stopping motion
  6. 1538-P1 Flashtube

    1538-P1 Flashtube for 1531, 38, 39, 42, 46

    Replacement Flashtube for GenRad 1531, 1538, 1539, 1542 & 1546 Stroboscopes
    Order number: 1538-9601
  7. 1538-P2 Extension Lamp

    1538-P2 Extension Lamp

    • Used with 1538 Stroboscope
    • An external lamp that is controlled by the 1538
    • Includes Lamp, reflector and cable
  8. 1538-P4 High Intensity-Flash Capacitor

    1538-P4 High Intensity-Flash Capacitor

    • High-Intensity-Flash Capacitor
    • Used with 1538 Stroboscope
    • Increases Flash Intensity
  9. 1538-P3 Battery and Charger

    1538-P3 Battery and Charger

    • Allows 1538A Stroboscope to be battery operated

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