1538-P4 High Intensity-Flash Capacitor

  • High-Intensity-Flash Capacitor
  • Used with 1538 Stroboscope
  • Increases Flash Intensity
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An optional accessory for the GenRad 1538 Strobotac is the GenRad 1538-P4 High-Intensity-Flash Capacitor. With this accessory connected, a single 8-microsecond flash of 44 million candelas can be obtained. This is used when a brighter flash is needed to photograph an object moving at an extremely high speed or one in high ambient light.

The maximum flashing rate with the combination is 60 flashes per minute.

The Capacitor is automatically discharged when the 4-prong plug in the EXT LAMP socket is removed. The Capacitor can also be discharged by changing the setting of the RPM range switch.

Please note the 1538-P4 High-Intensity-Flash Capacitor and the Type 1538-P2 Extension Lamp cannot be used simultaneously on the stroboscope.