Dielectric Test Cells

A complete system for dielectric constant measurements includes an LCR Meter for capacitance and dissipation factor measurements, the dielectric cell, and the connecting cables and adapters. This system allows rapid, precise measurements over a wide frequency range. IET offers various dielectric cells for measuring dielectric constant and dissipation factor on solids, powders and liquids.
  1. Rigid Dielectric Cell LD-3
    • Designed for testing rigid flat materials
    • Frequency range of 50 Hz - 1 MHz
    • Max. Temperature 55 °C see LD-3T for higher temperature
  2. High Temperature Rigid Dielectric Cell LD-3T
    • High Temperature Dielectric Cell is designed for testing rigid flat materials at elevated temperatures in an oven.
    • Temperature: 400 °F / 200 °C
    • Frequency Range: 50 Hz to 1 MHz

  3. Liquid Dielectric Cell 350G
    • Designed for in process testing of liquid
    • Designed for use with: Oils, solvents, water; non-viscous chemicals and salts

  4. Powder, Paste and Liquid Cell MC-100
    • Designed for use with: Paste, grease, very viscous material, liquids, powder

  5. Teflon Standard- TS-100
    •  Invaluable tool in verifying the operation of any rigid dielectric cell such as the LD-3 and LD-3T

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