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IET Labs offers a complete line of sound level meters and vibration measurement instruments formerly manufactured by GenRad. Although these sound level meters are designed to operate on their own, much thought was given to their use in a variety of systems to solve specific measurement problems. The industry standard 1565 sound lever meter and 1562 sound level calibrator will satisfy most any requirement.
Sound Level Meters & Calibrators

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  1. Sound Level Meter

    GenRad 1565-B Sound-Level Meter

    • 40 to 140 dB
    • ANSI Type 2 A, B, C weighting
    • Fast/slow meter response
    • MESA approved
    • Convenient pocket proportions -small and light
  2. Sound Level Calibrator

    GenRad 1562-A Sound Level Calibrator

    • Workhorse of the acoustics field
    • Calibrates most sound-level meters
    • Generates standard levels and frequencies
    • Adaptable to various microphone sizes
    • Use in the lab or in the field
  3. GenRad 1986 Omnical Sound Level Calibrator -Refurbished

    GenRad 1986 Omnical Sound Level Calibrator -Refurbished

    • Capable of testing all the basic characteristics of virtually any acoustic instrument or system
    • Multi-level outputs 74, 84, 94, 104, or 114 dB re 20µPa output
    • Multi-frequency outputs 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 or 4000 Hz
    • Portable battery-operated
  4. GenRad 1982 Precision Sound Level Meter

    GenRad 1982 Precision Sound Level Meter

    • a versatile, all-purpose instrument precision sound-level meter peak and impulse noise meter octave-band analyzer
    • ideal for OSHA and a broad variety of noise measurements
    • digital and analog displays for error-free reading
    • compact and lightweight (3 lb) for easy handling
    • approved by MSHA and NIOSH
  5. GenRad 1557-A Vibration Calibrator

    GenRad 1557-A Vibration Calibrator

    • Single frequency 100 Hz
    • Single level 1 g
    • Calibration of vibration pickups with a mass less than 300 grams
    • Battery Operated
  6. 1840-A Output Power Meter

    GenRad 1840-A Output Power Meter

    • Power output of oscillators, amplifiers, preamplifiers, transformers, transducers, and low-frequency lines.
    • Output impedance, by adjustment of the load to yield maximum power indication.
    • Frequency-response characteristics of amplifiers, transformers, and other audio-frequency devices.

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