Powder, Paste and Liquid Cell MC-100

  • Designed for use with: Paste, grease, very viscous material, liquids, powder

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The MC-100 Dielectric Cell is designed for dielectric constant and dissipation factor measurements on viscous or paste materials.

The cell consists of two electrodes that are adjustable from 0 to 100mils. Accuracy of setting is 0.000125 inches. The electrodes are positioned horizontally.

Materials are applied into the center of the lower electrode. The lower electrode is then adjusted upward until the material touches the the top electrode. This effectively sandwiches the material between the electrodes so the capacitance can be measured and then used to calculate the dielectric constant.

The cell can be used with most viscous material such as: pastes, grease, extremely small samples, liquids and powders like toner.

Required Accessories:

1 x 1689-9602 1 Meter BNC to BNC cable set
2 x LD-02 BNC T Adapters
1 x LD-08 GR874 to BNC Adapter
1 x LD-05 BNC to Banana Adapter


Terminals: three terminals with grounded shield
Material: Stainless with Pyrex or acrylic glass cylinder
Electrode: 1” diameter
Connectors: GR874 and banana jack