LOM-530 Micro-Ohmmeter Calibration Kit

  • Complete set of (5) working standard resistors for calibration of micro-ohmmeters. 
  • Resistance values can be custom modified per your requirement.
  • Calibrates a wide verity of micro-ohmmeters from various manufacturers
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The LOM-530 is convenient single unit containing a complete set of (5) working standard grade resistors for complete calibration of micro-ohmmeters.  The standard resistance values are those used by the LOM-510A Microohmmeter/Milliohmmeter.
This versatile set of resistance standards is a useful tool for any calibration lab looking to calibrate not only the IET LOM-510A micro-ohmmeter, but wide verity of micro-ohmmeters from various manufacturers. Resistance values from 0.001 ohm to 2 Megohms are available.

For example, the LOM-530 can also be customized to have other values that are required for adjustment of other manufacturers milliohmeters such as 0.019, 0.19, 1.9, 19, 190 ohm resistor values used by the QuadTech 1880, LR2000 and the Chroma 16502.


Nominal Value Stability MaxPower TempCo PowerCoefficient
0.01 Ω 50 ppm/year 2 W 20 ppm/°C 0.1 ppm/mW
0.1 Ω 50 ppm/year 1 W 20 ppm/°C 0.1 ppm/mW
1 Ω 20 ppm/year 0.25 W 10 ppm/°C 0.5 ppm/mW
15 Ω 10 ppm/year 0.1 W 3 ppm/°C 0.5 ppm/mW
150 Ω 10 ppm/year 0.1 W 1 ppm/°C 0.5 ppm/mW