• 4 Terminal Kelvin connection
  • Teflon insulation shielded twisted pair
  • Silver plated copper conductors
  • 16 AWG, 19 strands of 29 AWG
  • Gold plated banana plugs
  • Low thermal EMF
  • 5 ft. length
  • Maximum Voltage: 600 V ac rms
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TL-500 Ultra High Performance Banana Gold Plated Shielded Test Leads, feature 4 terminal connections plus shield.

The TL-500 consists of a pair of teflon twisted pair shielded leads, terminated with gold plated banana plugs.

The cables are ideal for use with 4 terminal standards such as SRX, SRL standards and HARS Resistance Decades with -K option, when connecting to a 8.5 digit DMM or similar multimeter.

The high number of strands provides excellent durability and high insulation resistance.

Also available as a TL-500-Stackable with stackable gold plated beryllium copper banana plugs, Pomona 5406


Quantity: 1 pair
Length: 5 ft.
Connectors: Gold plated banana plugs
Max. Voltage rating of cable: 600 V ac rms
Nom. Capacitance: 49 pF/ft
Nom. Impedance: 56 ohms at 1 MHz.
Max. operating temp.: 131 °F (55 °C)