Yokogawa 2793.01 vs IET 1433-19

We can offer you a far superior decade box to the Yokogawa 2793-01 for a much lower price.

Where Yokogawa has one of the best reputation for test equipment in the industry,  they sell  a few decade boxes a year and this is a side business.

Decade boxes is IET Labs core product and we sell thousands of units a year.

This allows us to have a much lower manufacturing cost and we pass the discounts on to our customers.
Attached is the requested quotation on the direct replacement model 1433-19


IET Labs







  Yokogawa Replacment





Measurement Parameters


Resistance Range

0.001 Ω - 1,111 Ω

0.1 - 1,111 Ω


0.001 Ω ( 1 mΩ)

0.001 Ω -  1 mΩ


0.01% + 2 mΩ

0.01% + 2 mΩ

Maximum Power 

0.25 W - 0.6 W Per Step

0.25 W Per Step

Temperature Coefficent

5-20 ppm

5-900 ppm

Counrty of Manufacturer 

United States  Asia 


 About 65% Less