1689-9604 Digibridge Calibration Kit

  • Calibration kit for 1659, 1689, 1692 and 1693 digibridges
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Calibration Kit For the 1659, 1689, 1692, 1693 Digibridges

A self-contained calibration kit used to calibrate IET Labs, GenRad, and QuadTech Digibridges.   The 1689-9604 Calibration Kit plugs into the built-in test fixtures of the 1659, 1689 and 1692 and can be used with the 1689-9600 remote fixture on the 1689M and 1693.

Consists of four resistors, a precision open and precision short.

An ISO-17025 Accredited calibration chart is provided with R & Q values for each resistor.

Please view the application notes for more technical documentation on how digibridges are calibrated only with AC resistors

1689-9604 Digibridge Calibration Kit Specifications

(See datasheet for full specifications)

Nominal Values: R1: 95.3 kΩ ; R2: 5.97 kΩ , R3 374 Ω , 24.9 Ω

Accuracy: 0.1% of nominal value

Stability: Better than 25 ppm per year

Temperature Coefficient 2°C ppm

Calibration Accuracy: These resistors are compared with a precision of 5 ppm to working standards whose absolute values are known to 10 ppm, as determined from reference standards whose absolute values are know to 10 ppm,as determined from reference standards periodically measured by NIST. The 1 kHz Q values are in parts-per million and are based on the D values of GenRad 1404 capacitors which have been shown to be less than 5 ppm, and the assumption that the difference between the inductance of a low -valued composition resistor and a wire of the same geometry is negligible.  These Q values should be within 25 ppm at 1 KHz.  All calibrations are made at 23° ± 2 C°..

Additional traceability paths: NPL in the UK has calibrated these resistors and found the following differences well within the allowable 15 ppm specification