1689-9640 IEEE Digibridge Interface

  • Brand new IEEE-488.2 for the 1659, 1692, 1689, 1693
  • Major upgrade to the older 1658-9620 IEEE-488.1 board
  • Is able to download software updates as they come available from the field via an RS232 port
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  • Brand new IEEE-488.2 for the 1659, 1692, 1689, 1693
  • Major upgrade to the legacy 1658-9620 IEEE 488.1 board.
  • Supports field upgrading of firmware via the RS232 Serial interface via a Windows application.
  • The IEEE 488.2 interface utilizes the industry standard National Instruments TNT4882 for broadest compatibility.
  • Works with all older GenRad, QuadTech and IET 1659, 1692, 1689, 1693 Digibridge models.

The 1689-9640 Digibridge IEEE.488.2 Interface board is a major upgrade to the legacy 488.1 interface. It supports both the legacy commands as well as the more current 488.2 and SCPI commands.

The board provides IEEE 488.2 (GPIB) interface to the Digibridge series instruments via a standard IEEE 488 connector. The interface can be used to connect directly to a controller or to an IEEE 488.2 bus.

The interface can be used to connect directly to a controller or to a bus comprising of multiple instruments and a controller. All instruments on the IEEE-488.2 bus must meet the IEEE Standard 488.2-1987 (Standard Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation).

The following IEEE-488 functions are implemented:

  • AH1 Acceptor Handshake (Listener)
  • SH1 Source Handshake (Talker)
  • T5 Talker with normal and talk-only modes (for systems without a controller), switch selectable on the rear panel.
  • L4 Listener.
  • SR1 Service Request (to request service when measurement is complete and the instrument is
    not addressed to talk).
  • RL2 Remote/Local (no local lockout, no return-to-local switch).
  • PP0 No Parallel Poll.
  • DC1 Device Clear.
  • DT1 Device Trigger (to start measurement).
  • C0 No controller functions.
  • E2 Electrical Interface.


IEEE 488 Addressing  The IEEE 488 Listener/Talker primary address within the range of 0 to 30 is selected via a 5-position DIP switch.

IEEE-488 Talk/Listen -- Talk Only Switch  The interface board can be set for Talk Only or Talk/Listen operation via a toggle switch on the rear panel. The Talk Only mode is useful in setups that do not contain an IEEE 488 controller, such as connecting the Digibridge to an input-only device. The Talk Listen mode requires the use of an IEEE 488 controller.

SRQ Generation  SRQs are generated if the device is not a talker, if SRQs are enabled and an Enabled Event Status Register bit asserts.

Supported Commands  The interface supports both IEEE 488.2 and SCPI commands as well as Digibridge Legacy short form commands for full Digibridge instrument configuration setup, control, and measurement data acquisition.  Full Command Structure can be found in the manual

RS232 Serial Interface The RS232 Serial interface supports full duplex hardware handshake as well as 3-wire null modem cables.

Baud Rate: 9600 to 115,200 baud

Data Bits: 8

Stop Bits: 1 or 2

Parity: Even, Odd, or None

Handshake: Hardware, XON/XOFF, or None

IEEE 488.2 Interface The IEEE 488.2 interface utilizes the industry standard NI TNT4882 for broadest compatibility.

Field Upgradable Firmware

Field upgrading of firmware is supported via the RS 232 Serial interface using a downloadable, Windows application. For upgrading via the RS232 Serial interface, a 9 pin null modem cable is required.