IET Acquires esi/Tegam Resistance Product Line

January 10, 2007

IET Labs Inc. has acquired certain resistance products, from TEGAM . This represents a significant portion of the products TEGAM acquired from esi, Electro Scientific Industries, in 1993.

IET Labs has well over thirty years of experience with resistance standards and decades and for many years has been a competitor with TEGAM and esi. IET plans to restore and grow the market position that the esi line has had in the past. IET will expand the mix by offering many more cost effective and tighter specification products to the existing IET/GenRad product lines.

IET will pay particular attention to customers' specialized needs by providing sales, maintenance, and customer support for all current products and all products which are currently in use by customers.

Additionally. IET Labs offers a complete A2LA accredited calibration laboratory and service center already experienced with TEGAM and ESI products. This extensive scope can be found at

Of particular importance is the addition of the esi SR102 and SR104 Primary Resistance Standards, which are the highest performing resistance standards available. IET already has the highest performing Capacitance Standards (GR-1404 Series) and the highest performing Inductance Standards (GR-1482 Series). With the addition of the SR102/104, IET is now truly the World Standard in Metrology.

TEGAM Products that will be affected include:

Primary Standards Resistors: SR102, SR104
Transfer Standards: SR1010, SR1030, SR1050
Working Resistance Standards: SR1
Decade Boxes: RS925D, DB62, DB877
Kelvin Varley Dividers: DP1211, DP1311
Resistance Bridges: 242D, 240C

For any questions, please contact

IET Labs, Inc. Long Island, NY
516-334-5959 or 800-899-8438 FAX: 516-334-5988
A2LA/ISO-17025 Accreditation 2073.01 In the GenRad Tradition