Resistance Standards

Filter Ideal Instrument
  1. PRS-370 Self-Adjusting Programmable Resistance Box & RTD Simulator
    • Resistance range: 0.1 Ω to 20 MΩ with a Resolution of 1 μΩ or 6 digits
    • Precision lab grade Resistor Standard with accuracy
    • Manual or Programmable decade resistor with IEEE interface and Labview drivers
    • No long term maintenance or calibration cost -with an 5 year warranty
    • Designed for customers who own an 8.5 digit DMM (Fluke 8508A or Keysight 3458)
    • The most revolutionary decade resistor ever!
  2. esi SR1 Calibration Resistor
    • New Design, with improved specifications
    • Versatile working calibration resistor
    • Laboratory standard of high accuracy and stability
    • Adjusted to within 20 ppm of nominal
    • 50 ppm long-term accuracy for most values

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