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  1. GenRad 1840-A Output Power Meter
    • Power output of oscillators, amplifiers, preamplifiers, transformers, transducers, and low-frequency lines.
    • Output impedance, by adjustment of the load to yield maximum power indication.
    • Frequency-response characteristics of amplifiers, transformers, and other audio-frequency devices.
  2. GenRad 1546 Digital Stroboscope
    • High flashing rates for a stroboscope-up to 25,000 Fashes per minute, direct reading.
    • Flash duration from 1.2 μs to 2 μs for clear, crisp images.
    • Lightweight and handheld, very easy to use unit with digital readout
  3. GenRad 1539-A Externally Triggered Stroboscope
    • Small size and light weight.
    • Light source on flexible cable for convenient positioning.
    • Can be triggered by several methods.
    • For machine maintenance, Real time inspection of moving parts, Printing press applications, Motor troubleshooting, For stopping motion
  4. GenRad 1562-A Sound Level Calibrator
    • Workhorse of the acoustics field
    • Calibrates most sound-level meters
    • Generates standard levels and frequencies
    • Adaptable to various microphone sizes
    • Use in the lab or in the field
  5. GenRad 1982 Precision Sound Level Meter
    • a versatile, all-purpose instrument precision sound-level meter peak and impulse noise meter octave-band analyzer
    • ideal for OSHA and a broad variety of noise measurements
    • digital and analog displays for error-free reading
    • compact and lightweight (3 lb) for easy handling
    • approved by MSHA and NIOSH
  6. GenRad 1557-A Vibration Calibrator
    • Single frequency 100 Hz
    • Single level 1 g
    • Calibration of vibration pickups with a mass less than 300 grams
    • Battery Operated
  7. GenRad 1408 Series Standard Capacitors
    • Ultra-high Stability Capacitor
    • 1 pF, 10 pF, and 100 pF
  8. GenRad 1538-A Stroboscope
    • The highest flashing rates for a stroboscope-up to 150,000 Flashes per mn,
    • Flash duration from 0.5 μs to 3.0 μs for clear, crisp images.
    • Accessory energy-storage capacitor 1538-P4 for very short single flashes.
    • High accuracy stroboscope — rpm measurements can be made to ± 1%

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