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General Radio Historic Catalogs and Bulletins

A Note on Catalogs Most Catalogs were used letters and appeared in sequence, but there are several exceptions. There was no Catalog I, probably for fear it would be read as Catalog 1. However there was a Catalog O. Catalogs D1, D2 & D3 were collections of separate bulletins and not reproduced available on this site Most of the instruments in the bulletins are also in catalogs C or E.

Note also that there were many special instruments, designed for particular customers or for our own use. They are usually designated by “-P” or “X”. The “-P” was also used for accessories as in 716-P4. Sometimes these special instruments became catalog item. The P-582 bridge became the 1613.

Catalogs were updated by publishing supplements, parts and editions. Supplements only added data, usually only about one device. Parts added pages to previous catalogs. Editions were complete, updated catalogs.

There were two catalogs titled “Catalog A” one that came out in 1916, the other in 1917. The second contained all seven instruments in the first (101, 105 107, 108, 110, 111 and 115) and seven more.

What we call here “E1” is called “Catalog 1928” on its cover. It was published in September, 1928. What we call E Second Edition (E2) was labeled that and was published in December 1928. Most of what is in E1 is in E2 so referring to just “E” is referring to E2. The lettered catalogs stopped with Catalog U. After that followed Catalog ’73 and Catalog ’78, the latter was the last instrument catalog.

Bulletins 101 to 507.pdf

General Radio Bulletins 101 to 507

Bulletins 701 to 918.pdf

General Radio Bulletin 701 to 918

Bulletin 919 Apparatus.pdf

General Radio Bulletin 919 Apparatus

Bulletin 926 Apparatus.pdf

General Radio Bulletin 926 Apparatus

Bulletin 928 Apparatus.pdf

General Radio Bulletin 928 Apparatus

Bulletin 930 Parts.pdf

General Radio Bulletin 930 Parts

Bulletin 931.pdf

General Radio Bulletin 931

Bulletin 932 Sept 1930.pdf

General Radio Bulletin 932 Sept 1930

Bulletin 933.pdf

General Radio Bulletin 933

Bulletin 934 Amateur.pdf

General Radio Bulletin 934 Amateur.pdf

Bulletin 935 Amateur.pdf

General Radio Bulletin 935 Amateur

Bulletin 936 Jan 1935.pdf

General Radio Bulletin 936 Jan 1935

Bulletins 1050 to 5100.pdf

General Radio Bulletins 1050 to 5100

Bulletins 6050 to 8201.pdf

General Radio Bulletins 6050 to 8201

Catalog A 1916 First of Letter Series Catalogs

General Radio Catalog A 1916 First of Letter Series Catalogs

GenRad_Cat B-1918.pdf

General Radio Catalog B 1918


General Radio Catalog C 1916


General Radio Catalog E1 1928


General Radio Catalog E2 1928


General Radio Catalog F1 1930


General Radio Catalog F2 1931


General Radio Catalog F3 1931


General Radio Catalog G1 1932


General Radio Catalog H 1935

Catalog J 1936

General Radio Catalog J 1936


General Radio Catalog K1 1939


General Radio Catalog K2 1942


General Radio Catalog K3 1944


General Radio Catalog K4 1945


General Radio Catalog K5 1945 Postwar


General Radio Catalog L 1948


General Radio Catalog M 1951


General Radio Catalog N 1954


General Radio Catalog O 1956


General Radio Catalog P 1959


General Radio Catalog Q 1961


General Radio Catalog R 1963


General Radio Catalog S 1965 50th Anniversary


General Radio Catalog T 1968


General Radio Catalog 1973


General Radio Catalog 1978